After much thought on how to make the journey from Dalat to Nha Trang I finally made the decision to pay the money for the experience of an Easy Rider tour. Originally I had hopes of buying my own bike to go through the country but became hesitant at the traffic and amount of accidents I heard about!

I booked through my hostel- Cam Ly Homestay- using the Dalat Backpacker Easyrider tours (run by the owner of the hostel). I paid $65 for two days and one night making my way from Dalat into the highlands and then to Nha Trang.

I was taken under the wing of a cheerful guy named Corey.


-The mountains and landscapes that are so spectacular you rub your eyes in disbelief

-The fresh air filling my lungs and wind on my face

-The coffee making factory and cafe

-The massive power of Elephant Falls

-Visting the vibrant flower gardens and peaceful temple

-The sounds of the forest as you round corners deep in hillsides of the mountains

-The serene floating villages framed by mountains and lit by the setting sun

-My attempts at cooking vietnamese spring rolls, chicken, and beef with the local girls

-Corey’s kindness and going above and beyond to help me: I might have left my passport at the hostel, as well as a whole bunch of chargers (which he traded me his for mine so I wouldn’t need to a buy a new one), and putting up with my fever which knocked me out on our last day by finding me hammocks to lay in and ginger tea 🙂

-Zooming through a village filled with butterflies

Other things were on the itinerary but the above were my favorites and what made this trip special for me. It is important to note that the tour was suppose to include a homestay in a remote minority village. However I was told once we were already half way there that we wouldn’t be staying in a homestay but in accommodation above a restaurant. I was assured I would still be able to experience the village life. However this unfortunately didn’t come true. To be honest I am always a bit hesitant about these types of tours and the influence on the local people. I felt like we were invading on their home and I felt the sense that they were not thrilled with all these foreigners walking around their village. Which I can totally understand and respect. Though this was just my perspective from observing. So I personally didn’t spend time lurking around and taking pictures- we just continued on our way. We also saw how rice wine was made which was interesting but as a person in recovery I found this trip came with many challenges with language barriers and pressure to drink. However I was able to make it through with no issues (will definitely write more on this later). Overall I would do it again- however I would take out the long trip into the village and skip seeing the animals (guinea pigs, crickets, chickens, deer, etc) which were kept in small, less than average conditions for consumption. I also think I would consider just doing the one day trip to Nha Trang. Despite some setbacks this still was a highlight of my trip so far!